The Power of Meaning

Language is a physical manifestation of thought. This can be an intentional slip of the subconscious or a calculated slight of tounge. Words, the concerte product of ones contemplation, have power beyond the imagination. What’s written and said can deliver absolute understanding or create friction for an entirety. 

If and when they’re used correctly, words that is,they can restore broken fences, but if used with vindictiveness, will ignite bridges that can’t be reconstructed. If you hold your breath you won’t die literally. At that moment it just may be the intelligent thing to do. Saying nothing at all has more impact that ranting, bitching and complaining only worsen. Silence is more powerful than one thinks.  Even if you’re right just show constraint.

Ultimately, think before you speak and the conclusion you seek will more likely be the end result you get. 



What’s the Alternative?

According to google a fact is something that is indisputably the case, reality, actuality or certainty. Google goes on to describe an alternative as one or more things available as a possibility.

When I first heard these two words used as a term, I was like what the…..I couldn’t wrap my brain around it. Lucky for me I could always go to the most reliable source to ever document and explain old and new terms in analogies.

Ol’ faithful, the Hood Bible, the Street Tora or Block Quran, also know as the Urban dictionary which describes an Alternative Fact as, “When truth is so unfavorable to a pathological liar, that they must invent a whole new category of lies to describe their nakedly intentional acts of deception.” That made perfect sense.

I pondered what would be a good example of an alternative fact. I came up with one.   Remember these guys?  From my childhood I remember a story about a little boy who peddled alternative facts often. That left me to think- really?! Is this where we are now?

A Dream Inside a Silver Lining

Rap Dreams how many of you had them?Rap Dreams- ones you can depend on. That’s sort of a bite from “Friends” by Whodini. I Suppose I should have said how many of us had Rap Dreams. Us would be a better pronoun since my hand is raised too.  The link above is representive of  how I spent part of my post- adolescent years. You may be wondering if I’m one of the artist there. The answer is no.

Although I say that I had Rap Dreams doesn’t mean I followed my dream. I do encompass other artistic talents and intrest. Actually, I’m behind the camera. Making things happen and not being seen is called behind the scenes. Being behind the scenes is an art in itself.

I never thought being behind the scenes would translate into managing projects at a traditional job. I say that to say this, “Follow your artistic inspirations because those creative talents transcends more platforms then you think”. Art is life. Without it, life would have no color or any new ideas. Life would be boring. I say don’t live an uneventful life.

The Rain is Pouring

I haven’t see this type of rain in years. We’re definitely lucky to have it. The downside is some people just can’t drive in the rain. Other than those minor hiccups, it’s all good.

I always see a rainy day as an opputunity to do things I’ve always wanted to do. For instance this blog that I started today probably never would have started any other time. Why not take the time to be productive or do absolutely nothing!

It’s the perfect moment to sit around and watch Netflixs with loved ones, catch up on household projects, bake cookies, and until your heart crumbles. Whose gonna judge if you sat around in pajamas all day? Feeing motivated well nows the time  to rearrange your closet.

There are no excuses to not do some things you always wanted to try like learning how to play that old guitar you bought at the Flea Market. I want say anything if you bing eat a half gallon of ice cream. If you love video games, play until your fingers hurt.

Being home isn’t that bad now is it? The real upside is money is being saved and you can’t bet that with a coupon. I’ll be taking this rain in stride and from what it sounds like the comforter is calling my name.