Dream Merchant: Stay Woke and You’ll See

I’m a victim so are you. How? We’ve all been sold a dream. We’ve been hyped up and excited about something or another  that for a time  was just an illusion. I know a guy who told me about dreaming. He schooled me on a what a dream is.  It was my time to listen to how reality works.

A dream is something that’s stuck in the back of your mind. It may never come to life because it’s only a dream. I didn’t get the concept until he went deeper. He said,”We dream when sleeping and in order for some thing to become reality you obviously have to be woke to make it happen.” I pondered that concept and was like yeah? Tell me more. He closed with, “Don’t be a dreamer, instead you use your imagination”.

I was thrown back and asked, “What’s the difference?” He continued on and dropped a jewel when he said “If you imagine you can create a plan that will get you where you want to go then you can have what is that you wanted in the first place. Eventually your imagination will help you reach plateaus higher than you thought were possible. So wake up and create a game plan and stop being starry eyed. Make it happen and get it done.” I could have argued with that, but I would have lost. 

I’m using my imagination these days. I’m staying a wake and putting life into actions. I tell you all to make it happen. Don’t just wish upon a star, because there’s someone out there constructing their reality. I will as should you.


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