We all suffer inside, so don’t  feel alone when your world is crumbling around you. It’s a painful experience when you’ve given everything you have and sacrificed so much to see the effort diminished, disregarded and ignored.  Most of our hurt is caused by the people,persons or things for which we’ve sacrificed for. There even cases when we hurt ourselves and live with regret.

I know it’s not fair when you try so hard to do the right thing and the opposite happens. It’s never cool when others abuse your good intentions out of spite. It’s the worst when you have a valid point or argument that goes unnoticed or is intentionally ignored. Life had never been fair for most of us. It hurts me to even say that, because I’ve been subjected to the same things and find no value and admitting it.

But this isn’t about me and my feelings, at least not directly. I’m speaking objectively and letting you know I’ve felt the same way that you do. Pardon the cynicism, I am being authentic. A kind spirit can be damaged by the evils that coexist with the good that surrounds us. Sometimes it wins and sometimes it loses- evil that is. What’s key is to notice the differences and not be swayed by others bad intentions.

Without the pain some say we cannot appreciate the better things. That’s a great point, yet some of us suffer eternal pain which we cannot control. If you believe you can control your situation-take charge and don’t be afraid to share your pain. There is someone listening, even if they don’t respond, you’re in their thoughts and prayers. There is someone listening who might need to hear that their pain is being felt by someone else. It’s good not to be alone.

Kind spirit, you beautiful soul,when your  world crumbles around you it can be rebuilt. You are the foundation and foundations are the strongest part of any structure. Your world is built around you-not the other way around.


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