It Got Real-Real Quick

It’s been a trying time in America. In case you haven’t noticed, government has been behaving in such a non-American way. Anything that happens here will ripple and tear holes in places on a global level. I’m not understanding this so called change in the country where I’ve spent my whole life. 

If you’re not afraid-you might want to reevaluate your feelings. Understand to be brave does not mean having an absence of fear. Being Brave is having the confidence to stare fear in the face and confront it. Bravery is when one decides to stand tall and fight. Being afraid does not make one a coward. Saying nothing is the behavior of a punk.

For those of you who believe what is happening will not have an effect on you are your people or that elections don’t mean anything-wrong! It only becomes a matter of time before absolutism will absolutely screw you. Politics have real consequences. For one thought there is a reaction. If that idea is seeded in hate, the consequence can lead to peril on a level we can’t imagine. Please reevaluate that thought. 

It’s only a matter of time before your decision to not participate may have made your situation worse than the conundrum you’ve already been placed in, for no reason other that your skin color or belief system. I tell you this is a test. The question is will we stand up and pass. They want to know how much we’ll accept.

This is just a test to see how far they can go- a smoking mirror for a bigger move. If you don’t believe me or wonder where my analysis has come from, San Francisco State University, Department of International Relations is where I studied. Believe me I wish the roses bloomed all season. Be aware is what I ask of you. Because if you fall for this tragedy, we might all be doomed.


One thought on “It Got Real-Real Quick

  1. The current cornerstone for this administration has been continually pursuing rights for a select few and leaving the majority of the nation in a new unknown territory where acceptance is becoming harder and harder to find (at least as a nation). I agree that we need to be more politically engaged and with actual evidence and decency, we need to push against oppression and truly bring freedom, liberty and justice for all.

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