One Conversation With 2 Meanings: Perception

The other day I was speaking with a colleague. It wasn’t anything very serious. It was about sports. Of course sports can be a controversial subject to josh around with. When the conversation was completed all the craziness began.
Anyone who enjoys basketball would perhaps agree that Lebron James is the most dominate force in basketball today. On the contrary he’s also a dedicated whinner and professional flopper.
After leaving the conversation, where my points where with backed with evidence, we decided to part ways and agreed to disagree. Again this was all in fun and as a biased Warriors fan, I naturally threw salt on Lebron’s game, which I separated from the philanthropist, family man and the person off the court. I clearly stated that my argument was basketball related with a sliver of haterism.
Moving right along, I later had the discussion with another friend and he agreed with me. Not shockingly, my other buddy went and had the same conversation with someone else at the job. Boy was his interpretation of what I said diffrent from what I actually meant.
After he finished, I looked like the biggest Lebron hater on earth, which I am not. I think he forgot to mention that I called him a great humanitarian and person. According to the person he spoke with, I said Lebron was poop, an annoying wimp and didn’t deserve to be on the same floor as the Warriors. I couldn’t help but laugh. As I said, we’re all friends and this was just guys justing about sports. 
I couldn’t believe he had the amedegted gaul to regergate my statement in such a profane way. Yes, Dubs on mine. Yes, the bias is real. However, I did say he was dominate and a great person of the court. I salute LBJ. He’s a perfect example of what you do when you make it. But I will second my motion and say he’s a crybaby. This is just my perception. I’m bias and I can’t be mad because his was different. One conversation can sometimes equal two diffrent conclusions.


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