Free me!

What is freedom? Freedom is good for health. I dream of the day to free myself.

To be Free from scrutiny, free to be stealth. Freedom from critics, free to be to stay in my shell.

Free to start and the choice to finish. Freedom to just mind my buisness. 

To live free or die to feel free to cry, to have the right to free my mind.

 Free to  keep or the choice to give. The freedom where the world just lets me live.

The right to be free these days doesn’t exsist. Free to hug and live in bliss. Free to love. Free to kiss.

Free to eat and have a drink. A diffrent  state of mind. Free to think.

Freedom ain’t  free is what they say. Freedom at a cost we all most pay.

Free for the sake of freedom there’s no other way. I just want be free all damn day.


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