The Power of Meaning

Language is a physical manifestation of thought. This can be an intentional slip of the subconscious or a calculated slight of tounge. Words, the concerte product of ones contemplation, have power beyond the imagination. What’s written and said can deliver absolute understanding or create friction for an entirety. 

If and when they’re used correctly, words that is,they can restore broken fences, but if used with vindictiveness, will ignite bridges that can’t be reconstructed. If you hold your breath you won’t die literally. At that moment it just may be the intelligent thing to do. Saying nothing at all has more impact that ranting, bitching and complaining only worsen. Silence is more powerful than one thinks.  Even if you’re right just show constraint.

Ultimately, think before you speak and the conclusion you seek will more likely be the end result you get. 



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