The Rain is Pouring

I haven’t see this type of rain in years. We’re definitely lucky to have it. The downside is some people just can’t drive in the rain. Other than those minor hiccups, it’s all good.

I always see a rainy day as an opputunity to do things I’ve always wanted to do. For instance this blog that I started today probably never would have started any other time. Why not take the time to be productive or do absolutely nothing!

It’s the perfect moment to sit around and watch Netflixs with loved ones, catch up on household projects, bake cookies, and until your heart crumbles. Whose gonna judge if you sat around in pajamas all day? Feeing motivated well nows the time  to rearrange your closet.

There are no excuses to not do some things you always wanted to try like learning how to play that old guitar you bought at the Flea Market. I want say anything if you bing eat a half gallon of ice cream. If you love video games, play until your fingers hurt.

Being home isn’t that bad now is it? The real upside is money is being saved and you can’t bet that with a coupon. I’ll be taking this rain in stride and from what it sounds like the comforter is calling my name.


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