A Dream Inside a Silver Lining

Rap Dreams how many of you had them?Rap Dreams- ones you can depend on. That’s sort of a bite from “Friends” by Whodini. I Suppose I should have said how many of us had Rap Dreams. Us would be a better pronoun since my hand is raised too.  The link above is representive of  how I spent part of my post- adolescent years. You may be wondering if I’m one of the artist there. The answer is no.

Although I say that I had Rap Dreams doesn’t mean I followed my dream. I do encompass other artistic talents and intrest. Actually, I’m behind the camera. Making things happen and not being seen is called behind the scenes. Being behind the scenes is an art in itself.

I never thought being behind the scenes would translate into managing projects at a traditional job. I say that to say this, “Follow your artistic inspirations because those creative talents transcends more platforms then you think”. Art is life. Without it, life would have no color or any new ideas. Life would be boring. I say don’t live an uneventful life.


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