This is a strange year.

I don’t think this year can get any stranger than it already is. I’m just going to ride it out and hope for the best. As it seems that the world is crumbling around us, yet we can’t let it. Stay focused and stay free!


Professional Grooming

Am I not the only person who sees the barbershop as a sanctuary to sanity? It’s one of the last places where you can hear honesty. The barbershop is an environment,where customers constructive disagreement is acceptable. 

If you want to win the black vote-debate at the barbershop. If you can convince 50 dudes with respectable line ups to support  you- you’re a good salesman. That’s why haircuts cost so much. The barbershop has connections.

Dream Merchant: Stay Woke and You’ll See

I’m a victim so are you. How? We’ve all been sold a dream. We’ve been hyped up and excited about something or another  that for a time  was just an illusion. I know a guy who told me about dreaming. He schooled me on a what a dream is.  It was my time to listen to how reality works.

A dream is something that’s stuck in the back of your mind. It may never come to life because it’s only a dream. I didn’t get the concept until he went deeper. He said,”We dream when sleeping and in order for some thing to become reality you obviously have to be woke to make it happen.” I pondered that concept and was like yeah? Tell me more. He closed with, “Don’t be a dreamer, instead you use your imagination”.

I was thrown back and asked, “What’s the difference?” He continued on and dropped a jewel when he said “If you imagine you can create a plan that will get you where you want to go then you can have what is that you wanted in the first place. Eventually your imagination will help you reach plateaus higher than you thought were possible. So wake up and create a game plan and stop being starry eyed. Make it happen and get it done.” I could have argued with that, but I would have lost. 

I’m using my imagination these days. I’m staying a wake and putting life into actions. I tell you all to make it happen. Don’t just wish upon a star, because there’s someone out there constructing their reality. I will as should you.


 We all suffer inside, so don’t  feel alone when your world is crumbling around you. It’s a painful experience when you’ve given everything you have and sacrificed so much to see the effort diminished, disregarded and ignored.  Most of our hurt is caused by the people,persons or things for which we’ve sacrificed for. There even cases when we hurt ourselves and live with regret.

I know it’s not fair when you try so hard to do the right thing and the opposite happens. It’s never cool when others abuse your good intentions out of spite. It’s the worst when you have a valid point or argument that goes unnoticed or is intentionally ignored. Life had never been fair for most of us. It hurts me to even say that, because I’ve been subjected to the same things and find no value and admitting it.

But this isn’t about me and my feelings, at least not directly. I’m speaking objectively and letting you know I’ve felt the same way that you do. Pardon the cynicism, I am being authentic. A kind spirit can be damaged by the evils that coexist with the good that surrounds us. Sometimes it wins and sometimes it loses- evil that is. What’s key is to notice the differences and not be swayed by others bad intentions.

Without the pain some say we cannot appreciate the better things. That’s a great point, yet some of us suffer eternal pain which we cannot control. If you believe you can control your situation-take charge and don’t be afraid to share your pain. There is someone listening, even if they don’t respond, you’re in their thoughts and prayers. There is someone listening who might need to hear that their pain is being felt by someone else. It’s good not to be alone.

Kind spirit, you beautiful soul,when your  world crumbles around you it can be rebuilt. You are the foundation and foundations are the strongest part of any structure. Your world is built around you-not the other way around.

It Got Real-Real Quick

It’s been a trying time in America. In case you haven’t noticed, government has been behaving in such a non-American way. Anything that happens here will ripple and tear holes in places on a global level. I’m not understanding this so called change in the country where I’ve spent my whole life. 

If you’re not afraid-you might want to reevaluate your feelings. Understand to be brave does not mean having an absence of fear. Being Brave is having the confidence to stare fear in the face and confront it. Bravery is when one decides to stand tall and fight. Being afraid does not make one a coward. Saying nothing is the behavior of a punk.

For those of you who believe what is happening will not have an effect on you are your people or that elections don’t mean anything-wrong! It only becomes a matter of time before absolutism will absolutely screw you. Politics have real consequences. For one thought there is a reaction. If that idea is seeded in hate, the consequence can lead to peril on a level we can’t imagine. Please reevaluate that thought. 

It’s only a matter of time before your decision to not participate may have made your situation worse than the conundrum you’ve already been placed in, for no reason other that your skin color or belief system. I tell you this is a test. The question is will we stand up and pass. They want to know how much we’ll accept.

This is just a test to see how far they can go- a smoking mirror for a bigger move. If you don’t believe me or wonder where my analysis has come from, San Francisco State University, Department of International Relations is where I studied. Believe me I wish the roses bloomed all season. Be aware is what I ask of you. Because if you fall for this tragedy, we might all be doomed.

One Conversation With 2 Meanings: Perception

The other day I was speaking with a colleague. It wasn’t anything very serious. It was about sports. Of course sports can be a controversial subject to josh around with. When the conversation was completed all the craziness began.
Anyone who enjoys basketball would perhaps agree that Lebron James is the most dominate force in basketball today. On the contrary he’s also a dedicated whinner and professional flopper.
After leaving the conversation, where my points where with backed with evidence, we decided to part ways and agreed to disagree. Again this was all in fun and as a biased Warriors fan, I naturally threw salt on Lebron’s game, which I separated from the philanthropist, family man and the person off the court. I clearly stated that my argument was basketball related with a sliver of haterism.
Moving right along, I later had the discussion with another friend and he agreed with me. Not shockingly, my other buddy went and had the same conversation with someone else at the job. Boy was his interpretation of what I said diffrent from what I actually meant.
After he finished, I looked like the biggest Lebron hater on earth, which I am not. I think he forgot to mention that I called him a great humanitarian and person. According to the person he spoke with, I said Lebron was poop, an annoying wimp and didn’t deserve to be on the same floor as the Warriors. I couldn’t help but laugh. As I said, we’re all friends and this was just guys justing about sports. 
I couldn’t believe he had the amedegted gaul to regergate my statement in such a profane way. Yes, Dubs on mine. Yes, the bias is real. However, I did say he was dominate and a great person of the court. I salute LBJ. He’s a perfect example of what you do when you make it. But I will second my motion and say he’s a crybaby. This is just my perception. I’m bias and I can’t be mad because his was different. One conversation can sometimes equal two diffrent conclusions.

Free me!

What is freedom? Freedom is good for health. I dream of the day to free myself.

To be Free from scrutiny, free to be stealth. Freedom from critics, free to be to stay in my shell.

Free to start and the choice to finish. Freedom to just mind my buisness. 

To live free or die to feel free to cry, to have the right to free my mind.

 Free to  keep or the choice to give. The freedom where the world just lets me live.

The right to be free these days doesn’t exsist. Free to hug and live in bliss. Free to love. Free to kiss.

Free to eat and have a drink. A diffrent  state of mind. Free to think.

Freedom ain’t  free is what they say. Freedom at a cost we all most pay.

Free for the sake of freedom there’s no other way. I just want be free all damn day.